About Me

My name is Marta Carvajal and I live in North Carolina. After my second trip to Paris in July 2004, I was inspired to return to school in January 2005 for a certificate in Graphic Design, which I will soon complete. I'm currently (Summer 2006) in a class to learn web design and I created this site for my final project. I will be adding to this site when I return from my trip as there are so many aspects of Paris I want share.

I've taken two trips to Paris and leave for my third trip in a couple of days. I spent four days in Paris in 2000 on a trip with my sister. On this first trip, there was a cold snap in July in parts of Europe and it we actually had to buy coats!

I decided to take a two week trip back to Paris in July 2004. The first week I was part of a Rick Steve's tour, which I recommend if you have never been to Paris and would like a guided tour. The second week I was on my own and I spent a wonderful week mostly walking around the City taking pictures. Unlike the trip in 2000, Paris is now experiencing very hot weather in the summers.

In a couple of days I'll be in Paris for five glorious days. My sister and I are taking my 12 year old nephew to Europe for the first time (we had to wait until our late 30s). He is of course very excited to see all the huge monuments and to ride the Métro.