Bonjour, my name is Marta and I want to welcome you to my celebration of all things Parisien. This site is a collection of the resources I've used planning my trips to Paris in July 2000, July 2004, the upcoming one this July 2006 (yes, I'm extremely excited). It is also a collection of my memories and pictures of my trips and sometimes some lessons learned.

Visit the Places page for descriptions and memories of places I've visited in Paris illusrated with my own pictures and also information about places I hope to visit in the future. You'll also find information about the rich and sometimes enigmatic French culture by browing selected books, films and music in the Culture pages. Then there is the French Language, which many of us struggle to, if not master, at least be able to ask for une café without the waiter looking at us pathtically!

All of these pages contain links to more information, but for general information and miscellaneous links, I've created a special Resources section. Lastly, if you 'd like to know more about me and why I created this website, click on the About button above.

This site will always be evolving so check back often to see what I've added. Merci, Marta.


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