There are  large selection of French language learning materials on the market, many telling you that it French is really an easy language (if French is easy for you, please keep it to yourself). I have quite a collection after twenty years, but still don't find French easy! I don't think you can have too many language books as each one helps reinforce what you've already learned. Here are just a few of my large collection:

Instant Immersion French

Amazon Price $34.99

Instant Immersion French Deluxe 2.0 by Topics Entertainment. I've had this set for a few years now and have yet to get through all five CDs of computer work (300 hours) and the three CDs for listening. The CDs progress from beginner to advanced and there is an incredible glossary with translations of words and phrases and you can also hear the pronunciation. It's great that you can practice your pronunciation if you have a microphone (I recommend a good quality headset with built-in mic). Incredible value for such a good price.

Beginning French for the Utterly Confused

Amazon Price $11.86

Beginning French for the Utterly Confused by A. Sebastián Mercado, MA. I think all these Utterly Confused, For Dummies, etc., books are great even for more advanced learners because they often fill in some of those gaps in your learning that have nagged you over the years.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to French Verbs

Amazon Price $13.26

The Complete Idiot's Guide to French Verbs by Gail Stein. Okay, so I still don't think conjugating French verbs is a "snap" or a "pleasure", but I have begun to understand single and compound verb forms more, but I still wish they had a few less!

French Verbs

Amazon Price $5.95

Barron's French Verbs, 2nd ed., by Christopher Kendris Ph.D. This little book is handy for traveling until you master French verbs.

Mastering French Vocabulary

Amazon Price $9.97

Mastering French Vocabulary, 2nd ed., by Wolfgang Fischer and Anne-Marie Le Plouhinec. I have the 1st edition, but the new version is arranged differently and updated for current language. I great book especially if you want to master vocabulary on a specific subject.

Easy French Reader

Amazon Price $8.43

Easy French Reader by R. de Roussy de Sales. This is just one of several books that concentrate on reading skills.

French Visual Language Guide

Amazon Price $9.97

Barron's French Visual Language Guide. This book is particularly good for figuring out the word for something that might not translate well or that you didn't know how to name in English.
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